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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


HD Radio really is a FARCE!

I had such high hopes for HD radio! I really did! The first time I learned about HD radio was around late 2003. I remember viewing the Ibiquity website a few times, and thinking to myself, this HD radio thing sounds like a great technology. Well it is 2012, and many radio stations are dumping their HD radio channels. Other stations never gave a damn about the technology, and refused to partake in the scam/sham. One thing that I was never aware of was the fact that radio stations have to pay a licensing fee to use the HD radio technology. This licensing fee is an annual fee that once cost 10,000 dollars a year. The new annual fee has been dropped down to 5,000 dollars a year! What a crock of sh*t! Another thing, HD radio reception is not that great. Ask anybody that owns an HD radio! The last thing that I would like to mention about HD radio is that there is not much of a difference between FM stereo and HD radio sound quality. They pretty much sound the same. To all radio stations that have yet to acquire HD radio, do not do it! Save your money, and hire real talent to bring in more listeners! Peace!

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