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Monday, November 28, 2005


The Kid presents the Actor of the Month for December:Harvey Keitel

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Your Life aint worth shit in this town The Lieutenant as played by Harvey Keitel.

Friday, November 25, 2005


The Kid presents the Comic Book Character of the Month:Harvey Dent aka Two Face!

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Image courtesy of DC comics

Thursday, November 24, 2005


The Kid wonders as to what happened to Billy Dee Williams?

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It's Billy Dee Williams fault that I started drinking Colt 45!!!

Hey! Where the hell is Billy Dee Williams at? I haven't seen this light skinned man since Undercover Brother in 2002. Does anybody know as to what Billy Dee is doing now? Anyways, I always thought and I still think that Billy Dee is a good actor. He was so suave in Mahogany, between him and Diana Ross, Billy Dee was the better looking one! Peace to Billy Dee Williams and his smooth ass!


The Kid takes a look at Classic Albums:Streetlife by The Crusaders(1979)

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Streetlife (1979)

"Streetlife aint no place I'd rather be, street life is the life for me"
Quote from Randy Crawford, the chick that sings "Streetlife"

The Crusaders were true blue jazz musicians and put one hundred percent into everything they did. In 1979 they released a jazz classic titled "Streetlife" and gained a little popularity off the song "Streetlife". The song featured a smooth voiced lady by the name of Randy Crawford. At first I thought that Randy was a member of the Crusaders, but she was only a guest on the album. If I was the Crusaders manager, I would have offered some kind of deal to Randy to become a part of the Crusaders. Anyways the rest of the joints on the album are strictly smoothed out jazz songs. "The Hustler" and "Rodeo Drive" are two tracks that stood out for me. All in all, the album is solid and should entertain your average R&B or Jazz nut!


The Kid does not feel good at all!

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I apologize for not creating any super posts for these past few days! I have been feeling very ill and I have not been in the mood to write. Hopefully I will write something in a few hours! Peace!

Saturday, November 19, 2005


The Kid makes a top 10 list of his Favorite MCs/Hip Hop Artists

(photo taken by Trevor Traynor)
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Freddie Foxx posing for the camera.

Okay, here is my list of my top 10 MCs:
1.Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knucks
3.M.F. Grimm
5.Pharahoe Monch
6.Royal Flush
7.Big L
8.Ras Kass
9.Big Shug

Thursday, November 17, 2005


The Kid poses a question:Where the hell was Olivia at between 2001 and 2004?

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Olivia's first major album

Where the hell was Olivia at between 2001 and 2004 and what was she doing? Some people out there think that Olivia is a new artist. Actually, Olivia has been around since early 2001 and she was signed to J records (Home to Alicia Keys). Was she pregnant or was she in a coma or something? Can someone please give me some info on Ms.Olivia!


The Kid makes a rebuttal to a comment that was made to a posting: Michelle Valles is Back in Town Post

A person left a comment on a post that I made about Michelle Valles. According to the person that left the comment, I was putting down Michelle Valles. In my opinion I was not putting down Michelle Valles, I was just making a humorous post about her and informing the public that she was back in town. As far as the comment goes about me saying something about her body, all I can say is, I am a man. What am I suppose to do, look at her shoes and her accessories??? The comment is posted below.

Anonymous Said:
"You must have nothing better to do with your life than put a young intelligent woman down. Oh course, all you can focus on is her physical features. Go get a degree or something loser"

If you want to read the post that made, click on the link below.

Michelle Valles Post

Sunday, November 13, 2005


The Kid takes a look at Stars and their Cars:Julio Iglesias and his Ferrari Testarossa

Julio and his fast Testarossa

I was checking out a site devoted to Julio Iglesias and I ran across a pic in a photo gallery. The pic was of Julio and his Ferrari Testarossa (painted in red). I am going to assume that this pic was probably taken sometime in the late 1980s (The loafers without socks tell you the age of the pic!) Anyways if you want to check out more pics of Julio check out the site below.


The Kid informs the Public about New Music Releases:Luis Miguel Grandes Exitos

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On November 22, Luis Miguel will release a greatest hits album, judging by the price I am going to say that this album will be a two disc collection. I found a track listing for the album and here it is:

1. Ahora te Puedes Marchar
2. Cuando Calienta El Sol
3. Fria Como El Viento
4. Un Hombre Busca Una Mujer
5. La Incondicional
6. Entregate
7. Tengo Todo Excepto A Ti
8. Sera Que No Me Amas
9. Inolvidable
10. No Se Tu
11. America, America
12. Hasta Que Me Olvides
13. Suave
14. El Dia Que Me Quieras
15. Somos Novios
16. La Media Vuelta

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The Kid takes a look at TV Chicks:Kelly Monaco

Image courtesy of Buzzstuff

Umm, all I have to say is this, KELLY MONACO IS CUTE!


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