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Saturday, December 19, 2009


I finally heard "Before I Self Destruct" from 50!

I finally heard the album, and all I have to say is that it is truly horrible. For the record, I do not hate 50 Cent. I just feel that he can do better. As I have said in the past the only album that I truly enjoyed listening to was "Power of the Dollar"(1999-2000). It is not a classic by my standards, but it is a good album. It shows you what Curtis was capable of doing with a little bit of hunger and good producers on his side. The mixtapes that were released between 2001 and 2003 were also worth listening to in my dorm room. Once 50 signed his deal with Dre and Em, everything that made 50 stand out changed. The ambition and drive were gone and 50 started to sound like a cheap Ja Rule imitation. It is unfortunate that this had to happen to one of my favorite artists, but it did happen. Did 50 really need to start singing on songs? Did 50 really need to hire Ne-Yo to sing on his album? Did 50 have to record "Candy Shop"?

When I see 50, all I see is a money hungry selfish man. If 50 really wants to survive in the biz, he needs to stop making albums. He should focus on promoting new artists and help them reach their full potential. I believe that 50's best work is truly behind him. We are never going to see another "Power of the Dollar" or "The Massacre"(This album had excellent production) type album again. 50 turned into the very thing that he hated, and that is Ja Rule/Murder INC. Anyways, the album is pure pop material. At this point in time, even Drake sounds tougher than 50 Cent. Peace!


I dedicate "Pour Out a Little Liquor" to KDBC Channel 4!

I dedicate this video to KDBC Channel 4! This is "Pour out a Little Liquor" from Tupac! Do not forget to pour out a little liquor for KDBC! Peace!


KDBC and KTSM are Now a Team?

It finally happened! KDBC is no longer an independent station. They are now owned by KTSM. According to local news reports, KTSM was only going to help KDBC with sales and advertising. It appears that KTSM is doing more than helping with sales. From what I have gathered over the past few weeks is that KDBC is no longer broadcasting from their original studios. The KDBC building is apparently for sale or for lease. I am not sure about this though. So KDBC still has Nicole Ayoub and Robert Bettes. Nicole Gomez(confirmed) and Ramon Herrera(I am not sure) are reporting for KTSM. Martina Valverde transferred to KFOX, and is now working as a traffic reporter. I never thought that this would happen to KDBC. I wonder as to how long KTSM is going to carry KDBC on its big burly shoulders? Will the call letters KDBC eventually fade away. Will KDBC current employees become full time KTSM members? I do not have the answer for you.

Oh another thing that I want to add is that Chester Lampkin and Kai Porter are now working the KDBC weekend news shows. I felt so weird watching KTSM employees on channel 4. I had to pinch myself twice! Peace!


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