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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Miss USA Should Have Won the Title!!!

Seriously! Why didn't Miss USA win the title of Miss Universe! She is better looking than Miss Japan! You know, if they didn't give her the title because of her clumsy fall, then that is wrong! Comparing Miss USA to Miss Japan is like comparing a Ferrari to a Honda Civic! There is no comparison and there is no competition. Peace!


Kiran Chetry looks very skinny!!

Picture of Kiran from December of 2005. She looked happy and healthy in this picture!
Image courtesy of

If any of my readers watch CNN, then you know who Kiran Chetry is! Kiran worked for Fox News from 2001 to early 2006. I have noticed that since she has been working for CNN, she has lost a lot of weight! Maybe Kiran should eat a little bit more and pack on some pounds! I dont remember Kiran looking this thin on FOX News. I hope she isn't sick or suffering from some eating disorder! Oh another thing! Why did Kiran cut her hair so short? She looks better with long hair. Peace!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Where did Jasmine Cruz disappear to???

If you have been watching KFOX for the past year now, the name Jasmine Cruz should sound familiar to you. Jasmine Cruz was brought in, after Janice Carpio left in November of 2006 to go to San Antonio. Well, Jasmine didn't last very long at KFOX. I believe she was given the boot in early January of this year. If anybody remembers Jasmine, you will probably remember that her delivery of the weather was awkward and she looked nervous 95 percent of the time. Especially when she was working with Peter Daut. I think Jasmine liked him!!! Towards the end she improved, but I guess KFOX wasn't satisfied. If anybody knows as to what happened to her leave a comment. Peace!!! If you want to see Jasmine Cruz and Peter Daut working together, check out the following link.

KFOX on Demand with Peter Daut and Jasmine Cruz Video Link.


What happened to El Paso's Hot Anchors and Reporters??

Believe it or not, I actually watch all of the news stations here in good ole El Paso,Texas! I have noticed that a lot of fine news chicks have left and gone to other markets. Out of all of the news stations in town, Channel 3 KDBC and Channel 6 KVIA probably have the best looking chicks working right now. Here is a list of who I believe is cute/hot. KTSM had some hot looking chicks working for them from the late 90s up until around 2005.

Channel 3 KDBC
1.Alexis Vance
2.Christina Rodda
3.Nicole Ayoub

Channel 6 KVIA
1.Lizette Luna
2.Stephanie Valle
3.Celina Avila (She has to be Preggo)

I mentioned earlier that some fine chicks left El Paso for other markets. Here is a list of those chicks.

1.Janice Carpio (works for WOAI in San Antonio)
2.Caribe Devine (Left El Paso in Early 2005 for Phoenix)
3.Michelle Valles (Works for KXAN in Austin,Tx)
4.Michelle Gielan (Worked for KTSM in Early 2005, left for FOX News Chicago)
5.Denise La France (Worked for KTSM, is now doing PR work for the City of Las Cruces)


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