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Friday, September 23, 2011


The most AWESOME guest stars to ever appear on The Wonder Years:Julie Condra and Brandon Crane!

Madeline Adams played by Julie Condra Dacascos

Julie Condra in B&W

Doug Porter played by Brandon Crane

If you are a hardcore Wonder Years fan, then the names Madeline Adams and Doug Porter should sound very familiar to you. The character of Doug Porter was introduced during the second season, and remained on the show until season four. After season four, Doug Porter disappeared off of the face of the planet. I am not really sure as to how the character was written off the show? Did he die in a car crash? Or did he join a fat farm and escape into the woods? Anyways, what I enjoyed most about the Doug character was that he was an extremely nice guy. He really was! Just take a look at the episode "Odd Man Out", Doug blesses Kevin with nothing but awesomeness, and he treats him like a Hyundai. The Madeline Adams character was introduced in the episode "Ninth Grade Man" in season four. Julie Condra played the role of the new girl Madeline Adams. In this introductory episode, Kevin meets Madeline in class, and picks up her pencil for her. This started a HUGE crush for Kevin. The funny thing about Julie, was that she was a 20 year old dame playing a teenage high school student. WEIRD! Julie played the character in a total of four or five episodes. In her last episode, she attends a party with Kevin, and is eventually dumped by Kevin at the end of the episode. Who in their right mind would dump Madeline Adams for Winnie Cooper? Seriously! Well I hope you enjoyed my ramblings on The Wonder Years. Peace!

Here is an episode list for Julie Condra and Brandon Crane on The Wonder Years.

Madeline Adams aka Julie Condra

Ninth Grade Man
Air Date:September 26,1990

It's A Mad Mad Madeline World
Air Date:October 24,1990

Air Date:January 23,1991

Air Date:January 30,1991

Doug Porter aka Brandon Crane

Air Date:February 8,1989

Walk Out
Air Date:March 7,1989

How I'm Spending my Summer Vacation
Air Date May 16,1989

Mom Wars
Air Date:October 31, 1989

Odd Man Out
Air Date:November 14,1989

The Tree House
Air Date:February 20,1990

The Glee Club
Air Date:February 27,1990

Cocoa and Sympathy
Air Date:May 1,1990

Growing Up
Air Date:September 19,1990

The Journey
Air Date:October 3,1990

The Cost of Living
Air Date:October 10,1990

Little Debbie
Air Date:November 7,1990

A Very Cutlip Christmas
Air Date:December 12,1990

The Candidate
Air Date:January 9,1991

The Heartbreak
Air Date:January 23,1991

Air Date:February 13,1991

Separate Rooms
Air Date:April 3,1991

Air Date:May 8,1991

The Wonder Years (A Recap Episode)
Air Date:May 15,1991

Friday, September 09, 2011


Memories of What was Served for School Lunch:Vita Fresh Juice

Ms.Vita Fresh is so CUTE! (1968)

If I can remember correctly, I entered Kindergarten in August of 1987 at the age of four. (I would eventually turn five a few months later)About fifty percent of what I ate for lunch was made by my mother, the other fifty percent was made by an old cafeteria lady wearing a hairnet, and a stained white cooking apron. I am not over exaggerating when I say this, but my Mom made some pretty damn good lunches between 1987 and early 2000. Once I graduated from high school, I was no longer able to satisfy my palate. I had to settle for mediocre out of state college breakfast and dinner. Anyways, eating in the school cafeteria felt almost like having to clean your room. It was a heavy task, especially since the food tasted older than dirt! One thing that I remember very well was that you had a choice of either vitamin d milk or chocolate milk to go along with your farce of a meal. Back in the late 80s, companies like Borden, Farmers, and Price's provided thousands of cartons of milk to schools located in the Southwestern portion of the US. I would usually refuse any carton of milk that was presented to me at lunch time.

Sometime around the start of 1988, I was still in Kinder, and I was tired of not having any other drink options. One day in early 1988, a juice product by the name of Vita Fresh was introduced to my young eyes and hands. I had no clue as to what was in those white cartons. I just remember the ancient lunch lady asking me if I wanted a carton of grape juice or apple juice to go along with my crappy sappy meal. Of course I chose the grape juice over the apple juice. When I was handed a carton of grape juice, the first thing that caught my eye was the cute female orange pointing at the Vita Fresh script and logo. It was a big change from seeing Elsie(Borden) every freaking day on a carton of vitamin D cow boob juice! The Vita Fresh orange chick is one hot chick, and you should never forget that! When I opened my first carton of Vita Fresh, the smell of a million squashed grapes entered my nose and went down the back of my throat. I immediately drank the contents of my carton, and I was finally freed from having to drink cow udder waste product. This juice had a better taste than Welch grape juice in my five year old opinion. It was thinner and it did not leave a gross aftertaste in my mouth. Eventually, Vita Fresh started being served for breakfast on a daily basis. Every now and then, the cafeteria would serve Vita Fresh juice for lunch. If it was not for Vita Fresh being served in the cafeteria, I would have stopped eating in the cafeteria all together. Thank you Vita Fresh for making great tasting fruit juices and introducing my young senses to an excellent product! Peace!

Yes Vita Fresh does have a website for their products. It is manufactured by Cal-Tex Juice. Who knew that this company has been operating since 1952!

Here it is:


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