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Monday, January 04, 2010


Dr.Laura:Why do people listen to her?

I have been listening to terrestrial radio since the age of five. At that time it was 1987 and I was playing with matchbox cars. In the 80s, radio talk shows were not very common. When the 1990s arrived, radio talk shows started appearing all over the am and fm radio dial. One show that caught my attention was the Dr.Laura show. Listening to Dr.Laura humiliate people live on air, never appealed to me. A majority of the callers sound pathetic. If you are having really bad family problems, why not try to handle them on your own. Or better yet, seek professional counseling in your area. Sometimes I do think that the calls might be fake. I am not sure though. All that I know is that I would never ask Dr.Laura for help. I would rather ask Howard Stern for help. At least Howard is funny! Peace!


What happened to Angelica Rivera?

In 2007 one of the best Mexican soap operas was introduced to the world. "Destilando Amor" was well received by critics and the public. This soap opera brought a lot of attention to Angelica Rivera. Angelica played the role of Gaviota Franco, the main character of the soap. I felt that she did an excellent job in her portrayal of Gaviota. Since this soap aired in 2007, Angelica has not been seen in any other shows or movies. Is Angelica waiting for another big acting gig to come her way? Did she quit acting? Does she have so much money that she doesn't need to act anymore? Does anyone know as to what Angelica is currently doing? I would love to see her on my LCD tv screen again. Peace!


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