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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


What has happened to the past winners/losers of American Idol?

American Idol is back for season fifty! I am kidding! It just seems like American Idol has been on television for a long time. For the past two weeks I have been watching Idol, so I can cure my depression. During yesterday’s episode, a thought came into my mind about all of the past American Idol winners and losers. Where in the blue hell are they? Are they dead or are they all working for Simon Cowell cleaning his mansions? My theory is that all of female winners/ runner-ups are working in a few of Simon Cowell’s brothels. All of the male winners/runner-ups are living with Paula working as man-whores. As for Randy Jackson, he lives in his mansion with thousands of boxes of twinkies. But seriously, where is Ruben Studdard at? I heard a rumor that he is making a living touring Malls and testing new flavors of Slim-Fast. Does anyone have any leads on any of the contestants?

Friday, January 11, 2008


Cute Chick of the Month:Sonia Gray

Sonia Gray is the cute chick of the month. She is not well known here in the States, but she is well known in New Zealand. She is not the hottest chick in the world, but she is cute.

Check her out at at the following site:

Sonia Gray at Nova Models New Zealand

You Can Also see her in a Nestle Stixx Commercial:
Nestle Stixx Bar Commercial featuring Sonia Gray.


Lou Romano is Back in El Paso!

Yes, Lou Romano is back in the Sun City! Why? I have no fugging clue as to why! I guess he got tired of NY. Anyways, Lou is set to work for KDBC Channel 4 on January 14th. Lets see as to how long Lou will stay at KDBC? Peace!

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Funniest Movie of 2007 Was Superbad!

Faggel(Chris Plasse), Seth(Jonah Hill), and Evan(Mike Cera) in Superbad.

If you have not seen Superbad, then you need to see it! Seriously, I laughed my ass off when I saw this movie last year. I will be honest, my expectations for this movie were low before I saw it. For a minute it seemed as if it wasn’t going to be that funny, but I was totally wrong. From the opening sequence to the very end of the movie, I couldn’t stop laughing. One thing that you cannot not forget about the movie are Seth’s one liners! “P in Vagi”, D.T.F., and “Faggel” It is a great movie and it is now on DVD. So if you have twenty bucks in your pocket, buy a copy of Superbad.


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