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Saturday, July 23, 2011


The Fake Savior of Silver City New Mexico:Stream International Call Center(2000-2003)

Stream International is now known as Stream Global Services.

When I first arrived in Silver City, I was only seventeen years old and I had just graduated from some high school outside of New Mexico. It was late May of 2000, and many Grant County residents were unemployed. A majority of these unemployed residents were mine workers that had just been laid off after putting in a fair amount of years on the job. Some had made the decision to collect checks, other people packed their bags and left Grant County for opportunity in another state and city. A few unemployed miners returned to college, and decided to earn their BA or BS degrees. Then there was a special group of people that were waiting for something big to arrive in good ole Grant County New Mexico. What was it that these people were waiting for you ask? At the time there was talk and rumors floating around, about a huge call center setting up shop in Silver City. Nobody knew as to where this call center was going to be located. Eventually, it was revealed that the name of this call center was Stream International, and it would be located inside of the old Wal-Mart building along Hwy 180. Once Michael Padilla made the announcement that Stream was hiring, many unemployed residents flocked to the old Wally building, in hope of obtaining some kind of meaningful and decent paying employment. Stream International met their hiring quota, and officially opened their doors in August of 2000. I remember sitting around in my dorm room, watching the boob tube, and a Stream International commercial appears on my TV screen. Good ole Michael Padilla is walking and talking about how great Stream International is, and how Stream is helping the Grant County community. In all honesty, I wanted to vomit all over my dorm room floor. The commercials ran for a few months on KOAT-TV and KRQE-TV. It seemed to me and everybody else at the time, that Stream was the best thing that ever happened to Grant County. People were working and able to support themselves and their families.

Everything seemed to be going well up until 2002. A few of my friends were working part time at Stream, and were also attending college. According to my main associate, Stream had a habit of not paying people when they were suppose to pay them. After hearing this from my associate, more and more Stream employees were saying the same thing. 2002 turned into 2003, and there were rumors about how Stream was going to close in the spring or summer of 2003. I can clearly remember hearing these rumors in early 2003, to be exact it had to have been February of 2003. Nobody wanted to believe that Stream was going the way of the dinosaur. Reactions to this rumor were mixed. Some people believed it and some people did not want to believe it. Now let me return to my associate again! I asked him if it was true, and his reply was that he did not know for sure. He did say that quite a few people were quitting, and quite a few people were being fired.

The spring of 2003 semester ended, and I returned home for the summer. I tried to keep up with the Grant County news by reading the online edition of the Silver City Sun News and the Silver City Daily Press.The Silver City Daily Press finally ran a story on the closing of Stream International. The story ran sometime in early or mid July of 2003. It was a some what interesting read about a company that was supposed to help not only the residents but the economy of Grant County. In that same article, it was announced that Stream would be closing at the end of July 2003. Hundreds of people eventually lost their jobs after July of 2003. It felt like 1999/2000 all over again, people had to experience unemployment along with empty wallets and purses. Stream eventually closed, and the building that it occupied remained vacant until 2005 or 2006? Another call center by the name of Teleperformance took Stream's place. Teleperformance also met the same fate that Stream International did in 2003. The old Wally building is now an Ace Hardware store. One thing that I will never forget is the fact that Stream and the Town Of Silver City worked up a funny deal. What was funny about this deal, was that Stream was not charged any type of tax or taxes by Grant County/Town of Silver City. Now what was Grant County receiving in return from Stream International and the powers that be? Does anybody remember what Silver's part of the deal was? Here is my final message to all small towns in America, if a call center wants to open in your town, do not let them within one mile of the city limits. Call centers and the employment that they provide is a BIG joke. Peace!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


KTSM Facebook Fan of the Day is GAY(Silly)!

Whose idea was it? Seriously! Did Lindsey Riser come up with this BS? What criteria does one have to meet in order to become a Facebook fan of the day? Does a person have to bash Natalie Morales along with Lindsey Riser? Do you have to write a two page letter in which you praise the KTSM Tonight Show? Or better yet, if you end up watching the KTSM Tonight Show five days in a row, will you receive a Facebook medal for being a very brave person? Instead of honoring some Facebook douche bags, KTSM should do a piece on a person that has actually done something positive for his or her community. This contest has teeny bopper written all over it! KTSM SUCKS! Enough said!


The Real West Cinema is a JOKE!

Charles Barkley is laughing over the fact that he had to pay more than five dollars for a movie ticket at Real West Cinema II.

Please read my previous entries on this poor excuse for a movie theater! Thanks!


Another national chain restaurant closed in Silver City, New Mexico!

I just found out that the one and only Kentucky Fried Chicken in Grant County, closed a few weeks ago. According to my news source, the doors are closed and locked, and every table and chair has been removed from the eating area. The KFC manager and owner have yet to release a statement to the residents of Grant County NM. My guess is that KFC was closed due to a lack customers and cold hard cash. To be honest with my readers, I am not surprised over this news. I always felt that the KFC should have remained at Hudson street. That was a great location for KFC. It really was! Once KFC moved to the Wal Mart parking lot, I completely forgot about Colonel Sanders and his spiffy white suit! KFC is one of a few restaurants that has closed in the past five to ten years. If I can remember correctly, the first restaurant to close was the Monterrey Grill. It closed in late 2000 or early 2001. The Monterrey Grill served Mexican food along with a few American items. Restaurant number two was Burger King. The one and only BK closed in the summer of 2003, and then reopened in December of 2004. The BK manager issued a statement to the Silver Daily Press before it closed. What he said in the statement, is beyond my recollection. Contact the Silver City Daily Press for more information.

Golden Corral fell by the wayside in the spring of 2006. My friend Mike brought up the fact that Golden Corral was no longer in operation. If it was not for him, I would never have known about the demise of Golden Corral. Buffet food has never satisfied my palate. A lot of people were hoping that Golden Corral would reopen sooner or later. That never happened for the all of the die hard Golden Corral patrons! Golden Corral is now known as Wrangler's. Caballero's restaurant followed soon after, and is no longer serving the Grant County community. Long John Silver's ceased to exist in the summer of 2007. Almost every LJS in America is disgusting beyond belief! I am shocked over the fact that Dairy Queen, Arby's, and Taco Bell are still open. These three establishments need to close ASAP! They are very disgusting from the inside and the outside! If I left a few restaurants out, please let me know by leaving a comment on this blog entry! I also want to make another statement! I truly believe that the residents of Grant County deserve better restaurants that serve good food along with good service. Peace Sonny!



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