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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


One of the Best Shootout Scenes:The Wire Season 5 Clip

If you have not seen season five of The Wire, then you need to rent it or buy it. One of the best shoot out scenes can be viewed in this season. The scene below deals with Omar and Donnie shooting it out with Chris, Snoop, Mike, and O-Dog. Play the clip below and you will know what I am talking about! Did they call John Woo to direct this scene? You be the judge. Peace!


The Weather Channel Plays Great Jazz Music!

The Weather Channel+Music= A Good Combo!

If you receive "The Weather Channel" then the title of my post will ring a bell. The Weather Channel gives weather reports on the eighth of every hour. Weather on The 8's is the name of the service provided by The Weather Channel. During these one minute weather updates, you will hear jazz music and sometimes r&b music playing in the background. You can hear music from Dave Koz, The Temptations, and even George Benson. If you like jazz and r&b watch "Weather on the 8's" on the Weather Channel. Peace! Oh another thing, also keep an eye out for Stephanie Abrams! You cannot forget about Steph!!


Obama Girl!

OBAMA IS THE NEW PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!! I am very happy! Well I was wondering about Obama Girl. What is her ethnicity? Is she part Asian or hispanic? It doesn't matter, she has the skills to pay the bills. I wonder if Obama is going to give her an invitation to his inauguration? I sure hope he does. I wouldn't mind seeing this girl at my inauguration! Peace!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


A Dime Piece:Christina Milian

All I can say is that Christina Milian is a perfect 10! She really is perfect in my opinion. If you feel that I am wrong go ahead and leave a comment! She can rock anything, even a potato sack and she will still look good. Peace!


TV Show Reminder: Watch the Last Season of The Shield!

The Good Ole Days!
From Left to Right: Walton Goggins(Shane),Reed Diamond(Terry Crowley), Michael Chiklis(Vic), David Snell(Ronnie), and Ken Johnson(Lem)

I have written about The Shield in the past. This time around, I am telling all of my readers and hardcore Shield fans to watch this final season. The last time I checked, Shane was on the run with Mara and his son. I will admit that the first few episode were boring, but it is getting better. I do not know as to how it is going to end. I truly believe that Vic is going to be murdered and Ronnie might be the one to end Vic's life. Who knows? So watch The Shield on Tuesday nights on F/X.


Circuit City is Planning on Closing Their Stores!

What is happening to our economy? Mervyn's announced that they would be closing all of their stores within a few months. Now Circuit City is planning on closing 155 of their stores by the end of the year or the start of next year. Circuit City was a store that I loved to visit from time to time. Actually a majority of the electronics that I own, were purchased at Circuit City. Except for a laptop computer that I purchased earlier this year. I purchased the laptop at Best Buy for only 450 bucks. According to the local newspaper, Circuit City has decided to not close the El Paso locations. Who knows for sure? The way I view this whole situation is, Circuit City will eventually close all of their stores. Then within a few months, they will operate as a web based online store. It seems like everybody is shopping online anyways. To be honest with you, Best Buy has better prices and a better selection of items than Circuit City. El Paso has three Best Buy store locations and two Circuit City locations. I hope that all of the employees that will be laid off, can find employment A.S.A.P. Why do companies always have to lay off workers during the holiday season?


Roy Schieder Died?

When did Roy Schieder pass away? I didn't even know that he passed away in Febuary of this year. I never heard any reports on the radio or even on television. Well I will say this much, I am going to miss Roy. He was a great actor and a cool guy.


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