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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Over the Air Programming Part II

With the analog cut off date coming soon, many people are purchasing converter boxes and brand new digital televisions. I decided to give you a list of my personal favorite antennas and converter boxes. I have found that these devices work very well in metropolitan areas. The first item that I found to be very useful is the RCA ANT 1050 antenna. It is a ultra flat plastic antenna that can be hidden anywhere. It has great reception and only costs 15 dollars. The only downside to the antenna is that you have to assemble it.

As far as converter boxes are concerned, the RCA DTA800 is a great buy. You can find this converter box at Wal-Mart for 49.99. The box is very easy to setup. One feature that I loved about the box is that gives you a description of the program that you are watching. It provides the title of the program and gives a brief synopsis of the program. The DTA800 also gives you a schedule of shows that will be appearing on whatever channel you are watching. A signal meter also provides the user with on screen signal strength. The box is small and can placed sideways or standing up.


The Shield Season 7 DVD

The last and final season of The Shield, will be released next month. On June 9,2009, season 7 will be released. As always, the dvd set will feature deleted scenes and commentary from the cast and crew. The retail price will be 59.99 when it is released. I think I will wait for a few months to make a purchase. The Shield usually is on sale at Best Buy for 20 dollars each season. If you are a die hard Shield fan, then you will probably pay the 60 dollars. Speaking of The Shield, it is no longer being shown on the local NBC affiliate station KTSM. If anybody remembers, The Shield could be seen on Sunday morning at 1 AM. I guess The Shield was too hardcore for KTSM.


Skylar Zwick has been Found!

I know that many El Paso residents have been wondering as to what happened to Skylar. She is currently working in Alabama. Yes! Alabama! I guess she couldn't find a job. She is employed by WTVY 4 in Dothan, Alabama. I am not trying to be mean, but she still doesn't know how to dress and style her hair properly. I hope Skylar enjoys living in Alabama. I know that I would never live in Alabama.


Local News: Where is Lou Romano?

I haven't written a post in a few months. I apologize to all of my readers! If I have any? Well it turns out that KDBC 4 in El Paso is going through some changes. A few weeks ago, KDBC decided to cancel their morning and midday shows. No reason has been given for the cancellations. The host of the morning show, Lou Romano, has not been seen since the cancellation. I feel bad for Lou. He returns to El Paso and after a year he is left without a job. Talk about having good luck! But seriously, I do miss Lou. The KDBC morning show had something that other local morning shows do not have, and that is personality. I felt that I could relate to Lou. He is a man's man. He really is. He wasn't phony on screen or off the screen. Maybe KDBC will come to their senses and bring back the morning show. I can live without a midday show. All the morning show needs is a good co-host and a set tune-up. Another thing worth mentioning is that KDBC only has five employees. Damn!


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