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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Local News: Where is Lou Romano?

I haven't written a post in a few months. I apologize to all of my readers! If I have any? Well it turns out that KDBC 4 in El Paso is going through some changes. A few weeks ago, KDBC decided to cancel their morning and midday shows. No reason has been given for the cancellations. The host of the morning show, Lou Romano, has not been seen since the cancellation. I feel bad for Lou. He returns to El Paso and after a year he is left without a job. Talk about having good luck! But seriously, I do miss Lou. The KDBC morning show had something that other local morning shows do not have, and that is personality. I felt that I could relate to Lou. He is a man's man. He really is. He wasn't phony on screen or off the screen. Maybe KDBC will come to their senses and bring back the morning show. I can live without a midday show. All the morning show needs is a good co-host and a set tune-up. Another thing worth mentioning is that KDBC only has five employees. Damn!

Thank you for this post. I've been trying to find out what had happened to Lou Romano and finally happened on your site. At least there is some mention of him - still don't know much though.
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