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Friday, April 13, 2007


Did Julissa Bermudez get Breast Implants???

Did anyone watch BET's Spring Bling 07 last week??? Julissa was hosting and it appears that she might have upgraded her chest? I remember when she worked for Mun2, she didn't have a whole lot at the top. I wonder if Larry Johnson forced her to get implants??? If anybody has any pics from Spring Bling let me know!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Christy Velarde(Bridge Girl) was intoxicated!

If you are going to party, try not to drink too much!!

I have been living in El Paso for close to a year now and I have noticed that a lot of things are changing or have changed. El Paso now has a new main library and the El Paso Museum of History is now located downtown. Anyways, it turns out that party people(drunks)are dying on Cincinatti and Mesa Street, here in El Paso. Well a woman by the name of Christy Velarde decided to head a petition to have a bridge/crosswalk built over Cincinatti and Mesa Street. With this future bridge, all kinds of drunks/lushes can walk safely across to the other side of the street and cause more trouble. Well here is the real news, this woman was killed in an accident a few weeks ago. It turns out that she hit a telephone pole head on with her Grand Jeep Cherokee. When her death was announced, nothing was mentioned about alcohol. Yesterday though, it was announced that her blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. All I have to say about this whole scenario is that a bridge is not going to save lives at all. And what was this woman doing driving home alone intoxicated? What good does it do to have a bridge for people to walk across safely, when in the end they are going to get in their cars and drive home drunk and possibly kill themselves or others??? If you want to read about this whole situation, click the link below.

Christy Velarde Toxicology Results (El Paso Times)

Crash Victim's Petition goes on (El Paso Times)


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