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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Skylar Zwick has been Found!

I know that many El Paso residents have been wondering as to what happened to Skylar. She is currently working in Alabama. Yes! Alabama! I guess she couldn't find a job. She is employed by WTVY 4 in Dothan, Alabama. I am not trying to be mean, but she still doesn't know how to dress and style her hair properly. I hope Skylar enjoys living in Alabama. I know that I would never live in Alabama.

I often read some of your blogs and I see a guy who is trying to inform his audience of what is going on in El Paso. I think that is admirable. But then you distance your audience and ruin your own credibility with libelous statements as seen above. Please keep it clean before you lose some of your readers. Thank you.
He is entitled to his own opinion and there is nothing "dirty" about what he said. I too think the girl not only has to style her hair better, but has to stop acting so stuck up. Was she like that in El Paso?
Skylar is one of the nicest young women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting! She does so many things for the Wiregrass Community and gives so much of her time to charities and other civic projects. You boys are sad and angry.
I agree with you "Mary said....." Skylar became an Alabama jewel. She has an awesome aura, and possibly misunderstood by others, i.e the writers of the first two posts. You guy's shouldn't knock Alabama, it's truly a place where God lives and creates a peaceful lifestyle. Sounds like something you both could use. Leave Skylar alone, you both sound like bully's.
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