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Thursday, November 10, 2011


My two cents on "Con for a Cause"

About a week ago, KDBC 4 created and ran a promo for the investigative story, "Con for a Cause". For those people that are living under a rock, Angie Gomez is a teeny bopper that collected money under a false pretense. That false pretense was that she had cancer. Anyways, I really was excited over this story when I found out about it. After viewing the two part series, nothing new was presented to me or to the rest of El Paso. Philip Mena should have interviewed her parents and true family members. People would like to know as to how her parents feel about Angie and the controversy that surrounds her. To hear Philip Mena tell it, I thought that he was going to play the audio conversation that he had with her. Instead, he just gave us a brief summary of his conversation with Angie the Con. Where is the audio Philip? There are a lot of things that were left out of this story. If I had been given the task of creating a story about Angie the Con, the detectives, financial donors, and her family would have been interviewed on camera. This special investigative story was a big disappointment in my opinion. Philip, you better release a special edition of this story with deleted scenes and behind the scene footage. Peace!

If you would like to view "Con for a Cause" by Philip Mena, you can view it at I have provided links to this story. Part 1 Part 2(Final)


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