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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Local 4 News needs to be removed from the Airwaves!

Adrienne Alvarez might be cute, but it is not enough for me to continue watching channel 4 news. Who wants to watch an exact repeat of channel 9 news at 5:30 and at 10pm? If I can remember correctly, Adrienne is the producer for the channel 4 weekday news. Adrienne needs to put a different spin on the news stories that are being presented on channel 4. If she cannot do this, then she needs to choose different news stories to cover and present to the public. I hate to say it, but the channel 4 news is almost as bad as Oralia's entertainment show! Not even Robert Bettes can save the channel 4 news. Come on Adrienne! I know for a fact that you are capable of creating a whole entirely different news cast. Please let your creativity shine through! You attended one of the best journalism schools in the US, the Walter Cronkite school of journalism at ASU. I wish that I had attended that school of journalism! I will even bet that Marissa Monroy wishes that she had attended the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. If you do not start creating unique news stories, then I am going to pray to God that the 5:30 and 10pm slots be replaced with Oralia's horrible entertainment show! Or even worse, be replaced with a show of Emma Acosta trying to speak proper English! Seriously Adrienne, you can do a lot better! Try to convince the head or heads at channel 9, that different news stories are alright for the public to view and hear! Let good ole dusty and rusty grandpa Dan and toothpick Stephanie Jimenez have their news stories!

You might to do a better job in your background facts checking.

Adrienne went to UofA, not ASU.

You would also know that the producers at either channel 4 or 9 do not get to "pick" the stories.
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