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Monday, April 25, 2011


My thoughts on EP Tonight Live!

Umm? Oralia Ortega seems like a nice person, but she is not the right host for this type of program/show. Oh boy! I sound like a human resources manager! Oralia is trying a little too hard at acting like Mary Hart. Oralia is not acting like her natural self. She is almost as cheesy as that new guy that NC9 hired a few weeks ago. Does anybody know his name? Is his name creepy eyed guy? I am pretty sure that the producers of this show told Oralia to watch old VHS copies of Entertainment Tonight after having a few drinks of vodka. Did Oralia really want to lend her presence to this odd show? I doubt it! A show like this reminds me of something that you would see in high school. No No! High school productions are fifty times better than this show.

Can anybody remember the classic Nick Miller segments that appeared on NC 9? NC 9 needs to create a show that is similar to those Nick Miller pieces. They can send Oralia to Chicos Tacos, and she can interview the thousands of flies that roam every inch of Chicos. Oralia can then make a visit to Cappettos, and interview the clientele. She can ask them as to whether they were forced at gunpoint to eat at Cappettos or if they were brainwashed into eating such horrible food! What I really want to see is Oralia make a visit to El Paso magazine. She should ask the publisher and editors if they were paid large amounts of money for saying that Avila's is a great restaurant! I am telling you that this would be awesome! She could also ask Mayor Cook as to where all of our tax money is being spent. I will bet you five pesos that the tax money is going towards Cook's guitar lessons and Willie Gandara's large stock of hair gel! The hell with entertainment, Oralia needs to cover local issues, and ask hard hitting questions! Peace!


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