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Thursday, April 07, 2011


It Came from the Nineties:Motorola Star Tac (1996-2003)

2010 Motorola StarTac(GSM900) by Lekki

1996 advertisement photo of the analog Motorola StarTac.

Yes, this blog entry is about the Motorola StarTac. The StarTac was and still is a very dependable phone. The StarTac was introduced to the world in 1996, and was priced at one thousand dollars. Can you imagine paying one thousand dollars for a cell phone today? What people loved most about this piece of plastic and metal was that it was compact and could fit in your pocket. At the time most phones were the size of your mom's panty liner. Another thing that people enjoyed about owning a StarTac, was that the StarTac had an excellent battery life. It really did! You could go without a charge for weeks.

My very first experience with a StarTac was in early 2002. At the time I had Verizon wireless service which was originally GTE cellular. Between 2000 and early 2002,an Audiovox cell phone could be found in my travel bag. That thing was the size of a TV remote. According to a Verizon wireless customer service representative, I needed to upgrade my cell phone ASAP. I decided to purchase a tri-mode Motorola StarTac from my local Radio Shack in March of 2002. The phone was used from 2002 to 2007. Why I traded in my StarTac for an LG is still beyond my comprehension. The main purpose of the Motorola StarTac was to make phone calls and phone calls only! That is why cell phones were invented right? The model that I owned could receive text messages, and it also had text only mobile web access. The bright blue screen was another feature that was very useful at night time. Anyways, this phone could also take a beating. I remember dropping it on a concrete floor at least five times, and it never broke into pieces. Try doing that with an Android or an IPhone.

Just recently a company by the name of Lekki has brought back the StarTac with GSM900 technology. It is basically a ST7867w model minus the tri-band technology. The total price for this Lekki Motorola StarTac is 190 euros. You will also receive a charger and a hands free kit. I believe that Lekki will ship the phone to any place in the world. A friend of mine told me that you could probably use it with T-Mobile cell service. Click on the link below to visit the Lekki website for more information. Peace!

Lekki Back to Basics Vintage Cell Phones

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