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Thursday, April 07, 2011


Gas Prices are Going Up Again! Should you ditch your car and use Public Transportation?

This new year is starting to look like 2008 all over again! Gas prices have already reached a little over three dollars a gallon. I would not mind paying three dollars a gallon if I knew that I was receiving high quality gasoline. The truth is that I am not receiving high quality gas at the pump. If the money grubbing oil tycoons had any sense, they would price gas at one dollar a gallon. Many people would most definitely visit their local gas station and fill their gas tanks right away. But in reality this is not going to happen at all. I know that people are going to laugh at this, but using public transportation is one of many options for saving money.

The only problem is that most city buses are in poor shape, and some smell like public bathrooms. So how can a person survive a bus ride in 2011? Well the first thing that you need is a bus pass. Bus passes are usually sold at a main bus depot. The average cost of a bus pass is fifteen dollars. The next item that you need is a breathing mask. Public buses(Big Cities) have a tendency to smell like pee and cigarette smoke. The last items that you will need are hand sanitizer and a newspaper. The rails and seats are extremely disgusting! There will be times when you need to take a hold of a rail or touch the stop button. So do not forget to use hand sanitizer when exiting the bus. The newspaper is for you to sit on. Have you ever smelled a public bus seat? Words cannot describe the smell! Place a piece of newspaper on the seat that you would like to sit on. This will prevent your pants or jeans from smelling like doo doo. Actually, most bus seats do smell like doo doo.

If you follow these steps, you will more than likely survive your first bus ride. Peace!

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