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Thursday, April 07, 2011


Corre Caminos Transport of Silver City

This question is for all of my Silver City/Grant County readers, do you use the Corre Caminos bus system? If your answer is yes, then what is your opinion of the Corre Camino system? Do you enjoy using their buses? Or do you hate using their buses? When I was a Grant County resident, I rode the Corre Camino van/bus a total of six times. The fact that I was the only passenger on board, always made me laugh my ass off. This was in late 2002/early 2003. In August of 2005, I used their services again. By this time, they were using actual real buses to transport people all over Grant County.

Corre Caminos really was a good public transportation company. Whether or not they are still a good transportaion company is something I do not know. Now correct me if I am wrong, around 2006, Corre Caminos began offering a ride from Silver to Lordsburg for a mere ten or fifteen dollars. That was and still is a bargain in my book. Does anybody know if this service is still being offered to the public? I remember when the idea was proposed, many residents laughed at the idea of Grant County having a public transportation system. Why people thought it was funny is beyond me. Not everyone in Grant, owns a truck or a car. The Corre Caminos was a blessing to me and many other GC residents. Thank You Corre Caminos for helping this out of state student get to where he needed to go. PEACE and LOVE!

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