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Saturday, October 16, 2010


A Review:No Ordinary Family aka The Shield II:Vic Mackey's Revenge!

I finally watched an episode of "The Shield II:Vic Mackey's Revenge" this past Friday night. I have to say that the show is somewhat boring. Maybe if they added Shane Vendrell's ghost and wrote a plot that involved Ronnie Gardocki escaping from prison and stalking Vic Mackey, I would probably not find it boring at all. But in all honesty, the show needs to hire better writers. Just do not hire any writers from the last season of "Heroes". That show really did go down the shitter. Hopefully this show will stay on the air for a few more months. I am hoping that it will get better with time, just like a fine cheap wine. My mother made a comment about Julie Benz appearing in this show. If I can remember correctly she said this "I cannot believe that Julie Benz left "Dexter" for this shit!" I will continue to watch this show despite what my mother and other people say about it. If it was not for Mike Chiklis, I would not watch this show at all. Peace!

I also want to add another thing, I noticed that Mike has put on some weight.

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