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Friday, October 29, 2010


Another throw away automobile:The Dodge Journey

Is it me or is the American auto market already flooded with enough ugly SUV vehicles? Well add another ugly SUV to the list, the Dodge Journey appears to be a econo SUV that everybody can afford? I am not sure though. For all that I know it might have a price of 30,000 dollars, and that is not cheap for a small second rate SUV. That is the problem with the American car market, there are too many vehicles that look the same and do the same thing. Take for example the Dodge Nitro, and the Jeep Liberty. They are the same exact vehicle, with the exception of the body styling. Another company that is notorious for making ugly SUV vehicles is GM. They recently released the GMC Terrain. Has anybody seen this SUV? It is ugly and very small.

American car makers need to stop producing junk automobiles. The only decent vehicles that are being produced are pickup trucks. I have to admit it. Dodge, GM, and Ford know how to make trucks. When it comes to cars and SUV vehicles, America does not know what to do. American car makers need to take a few courses in German engineering and car design. To all the big three car makers, get your sh*t together.

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