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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Howard Stern is still the King!

Can you think of any other person that is more entertaining and funnier than Howard Stern. I cannot think of anyone at all. Seriously! I know that Howard is not as funny as he used to be, but he is still funnier than a majority of these local/satellite radio programs on the air. For almost thirty years, Howard has made America laugh and pee in their pants while driving to work. America loves Howard for his brutal honesty and over the top commentary. Howard always has the best guests, and gives the greatest interviews. Howard is a master at his craft, and knows how to keep his audience entertained. In other words, he gives the public what they want. Not only is Howard a funny guy, but he has two of the craziest guys working for him. Sal and Richard. If you have been listening to Howard for the past seven years, then you know how funny Richard and Sal can be. Their assault on various Tradio shows last year was hilarious. Just recently Sal made a prank call to a pizza place using auto-tune. You can listen to it on YouTube. Hiring Sal and Richard was the best thing that Howard ever did for his show. Oh yeah, I cannot forget about Artie! His commentary on various subjects was hilarious. I remember the time when Golddust was a guest, and Artie was making fun of him. I could not stop laughing for hours. Overall, the Howard Stern show was and still is the funniest show on satellite radio and television. If you have sirius, take a listen to the show. You will not be disappointed.

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