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Thursday, February 04, 2010


New is not always Better! Domino's Pizza

A few weeks ago, I decided to order two "new" recipe Domino pizzas. I believed that this "new" pizza was going to have a better taste. I have to say that it is not any better than the "old" recipe. So for a minute, I thought it was just me. A few of my friends also agreed that the old recipe gave the pizza better flavor. There are two things that I did not like about the pizza. The first thing that I did not like was the butter garlic sauce that is placed on the crust. Supposedly, you can order your pizza without it. The second thing that I do not like is the "new" sauce. The "old" sauce had a better flavor. One thing that my friend did not like was the cheese. He felt that the cheese was not real. He thinks that it might be a soy based cheese. Who knows for sure. So would I buy another "new" Domino's pizza? I would have to say no. If they decide to use their old recipe, then I might order again.

Finding a national chain pizza that tastes good is hard to find. Godfather's pizza is the only chain that makes a decent pizza. Other people might disagree with me. Some people might say that Pizza Hut makes a great pizza, and other people might say Papa John's makes a great pie. As of this month, I have decided to make my own pizzas at home. Until I can find a pizza place that can create a great tasting pizza, I will continue to create pizzas in my kitchen.

Thanks for giving the new recipe a shot. I'm doing some work with Domino's and you mentioned that you thought the "old" sauce had better flavor...just wanted to give you a heads up that you can still order that. It's real simple - just ask for the "hearty marinara" sauce next time you order and I think you'll find that this tastes much more like the old recipe.
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