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Sunday, August 09, 2009


Marissa Monroy and KVIA:Why did KVIA get her hopes up?

This post was originally written in 2008. It was written around the time when KVIA decided to remove Marissa from her anchor position.

When Marissa Monroy started working for KVIA in the summer of 2008, I did not know what to say. I was puzzled as to why she was always smiling. It seemed as if every minute she was smiling. Even during serious stories, she had a huge smile on her face. I thought to myself, does she also smile during funerals and car accidents? Anyways, Marissa was given the midday anchor position. After a few weeks to a month, she was dropped from the midday show. She was then given the weekend anchor position. KVIA then decided to remove her from the weekend show. When all of this happened, I became very upset with KVIA.

Why KVIA you ask? From what I have gathered, Marissa does not have any anchor experience. She does have experience with writing and reporting for I guess somebody at KVIA thought that she would make a great anchor because Marissa has a Master's degree and writing experience. What KVIA should have done from the start was give Marissa a reporter position, instead of embarrassing her in front of the viewers. It is like giving me a Ferrari and allowing me to drive it, and then someone takes it away from me and gives me a Nissan Altima. That is what they did to Marissa Monroy. They made her an anchor and then they dropped her and made her a street reporter. After her debut, someone at KVIA should have pulled her aside and told her what she was doing wrong. I am more than sure that Marissa really wanted to be an anchor and not a street reporter.

Update:Aug 2009
Marissa filled in for Celina Avila last week. I have to admit that she has improved since 2008. Keep on working on your screen presence. Peace!

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