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Monday, August 17, 2009


El Paso Magazine:The Best of List is Bull Sh*t

Does anybody read El Paso magazine? All I want to say is that the best of lists are funny as hell. Avila's for best Mexican food? Marissa Monroy for hottest anchor/reporter? Cattleman's for best steak? Best Italian food goes to Cappetto's? These are some horrible choices. Adrienne Alvarez should have received a nomination for most attractive anchor. I also would have nominated Nichole Gomez for hottest anchor. Ben Swann for hottest male anchor? Are you serious! As far as Mexican food is concerned, the best restaurant category should go to Su Casa. Sometimes I think that the votes that the public cast are not taken into consideration. Does anybody remember the lists from previous years? Celina Avila was voted as hottest anchor three years in a row. I think Keith Mahar was responsible for Celina Avila being voted for three years in a row. (Keith and Celina were an item)

I guess what I am trying to say is that the public vote does not matter at all. Everything is done without public input. So do not waste your time voting online or by mail. Best of lists are bullsh*t and that is that. Peace!

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