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Thursday, July 03, 2008


Paula Garces!

Paula and John Cho!

The name might look familiar to some of my readers and then it might not. If any of you have been viewing The Shield or if you have seen Harold and Kumar 1 and 2, you probably already recognize the name. Paula played the character of Tina Hanlon in seasons 5 and 6 of The Shield. Most recently, Paula appeared in an episode of CSI:Miami, as a hot piece of ass that had to disrobe. That is all that I remember from that episode. I do not like any of the CSI shows that are currently airing on CBS. Well, lets get back to talking about Paula, I believe that Paula is from Columbia. She has been acting since the early 90s and she has appeared in many movies and tv shows. It is obvious that this woman is attractive and can act. I think out of all the roles she has played, the one role that I enjoyed was her role in Law and Order. If have not seen the L&O episodes, see them online or ask a friend if he or she has it on TIVO. I hope Paula continues to work in movies and in TV and may she never develop crows feet and horrible expression lines. Peace!

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