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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The price of gasoline is rising to the top!

Keep rising to the top! Give it all you got! Oh yeah Keni Burke style! Gasoline prices are rising and people across the U.S. are pissed off. So what are people doing in response to rising gas prices? People are trading or selling their hummers and trucks for more fuel efficient vehicles. Here in the Sun City, people are still driving their pickups and sport utility vehicles. Personally, I am trying not to drive my truck all that often. My truck has a tendency to drink fuel like a drunk in a bar. So how can you get better gas mileage out of your gas hungry vehicle? You might hear people tell you to keep your tires properly inflated. This really doesn’t help gas mileage. What I really want to do is, avoid making frequent trips to the gas station to keep me and my truck happy. What I have heard is that making adjustments to your vehicles on board computer can improve gas mileage. There are various companies that sell computer tuning machines that can make modifications to your car or truck computer. Do they work? I have no idea! The only way that you can save gas is by not driving your vehicle everyday. Try car pooling, public transportation, or try walking to work or bicycling. If the petroleum companies want to start earning more money, they should lower the price per barrel and start offering cheap gasoline. If they were to do that, everybody will line up and fill their tanks! Peace!

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