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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My second plea to SI TV!

Please just stay off of the air!!! I beg whoever is running SI TV to please stop torturing me with re-runs of the same old crappy shows! Right now I have raised a few dollars for the “Help Si TV fund”. My mission is to raise a few million and give it to SI TV so they can create a new program. If I was forced to watch SI TV for a whole week, I think I would probably kill myself. A few months ago, SI TV decided to air re-runs of the Freddie show. Does anybody remember that show? Freddie Prinze Jr and Brian Austin Green were the main stars of the show. Why would you even bother putting that show into syndication? How many episodes were there any ways? Three or four? SI TV is also airing a show titled Adreninlina, this show has a horrible host that thinks he is funny. I have noticed that the only person that laughs at the jokes is the host! I often find myself changing the channel when I see that jackass on my flat screen tv. What I want to know is, when is SI TV going to make an Urban Jungle 3? I guess SI TV doesn’t have enough money in their budget to create a part 3.

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