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Friday, October 07, 2005


Should all the fun stop when you have kids?

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Should all the fun stop when you have little tots? Some people might say no and others might say yes. I personally believe that once you have kids, you should already have your shit together. Your man/women chasing, partying, staying out late, and other crap that is expected of teeny boppers and people in their 20's should stop once you have a kid. Lets think about this for a second, what is more important, going to party or spending time with your kids? I would most definitely go with the second choice. But then people would say, you cant always spend time with your kids you need your freedom and space! To which then I would reply "They are kids, they need a mother and father around 24/7". If you want to party and whore around then don’t have a kid(s), get on birth control or something. Having a kid is a big responsibility and also requires that your ass be around! Now to all my readers, you are probably wondering as to why I would write something like this? Okay, let me tell you why I am writing this, I have witnessed a lot of women and men with children acting as if they were in their teens again. Many of them dont even bother to spend a little quality time with their kids, a majority of them just go to work and then party. The only time they see their kids is in the morning when they are getting ready to go to work.

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