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Monday, October 03, 2005


Galilea is pregnant and has a super bad boob job!!!

Yo Yo Yo people! If any of you live in Mexico or have access to spanish language stations, then chances are you probably saw "Baliando por un Sueno" or in English "Dancing for a Dream". The premise of the show is to have famous Mexican stars dance with average people. For each dancing pair that wins each competition, they are one step closer to seeing one of their dreams come true. Well, Galilea Montijo is a contestant on the show. For those people that don't know who Galilea is, check out my post on Galilea from May of 2005. My Galilea Post Well the first thing that I noticed about Gali is that she has fake boobs. I swear, they are so stiff and mounted looking that there is no denying that her boobs are fake! If I were Gali, I would get them removed and ask for a cash refund or credit towards some type of surgery! I also noticed that when they were interviewing her and her dance partner, her dance partner mentioned the fact that Galilea was throwing up. This leads me to believe that Galilea has morning sickness and is pregnant. So expect Galilea to have a kid in the next 8 months.

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