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Monday, June 06, 2005


A Message to Ken Wahl!

I bet you guys are wondering as to why I would write something to Ken Wahl on my site? Let me tell you why I am writing something to Ken Wahl, I miss the guy! I swear he was so fugging cool and smooth in The Wanderers and in Fort Apache, The Bronx. I swear this guy was a good actor and he could probably kick Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian ass! So here is my message to Ken Wahl!

Dear Ken Wahl,
I was wondering as to why you quit the movie and t.v. business? Was it the drugs,women, and booze that made you quit? Was it the fame that was getting to you? Were you not getting paid enough for your work in movies and t.v.? Please Ken, give me and the rest of your fans an answer as to why you choose to quit the biz and go into hiding!

Your Fan,
E the Kid

Hi: I just found this while searching for info on Ken. I am a friend of Ken's, we grew up together. I know your question is to Ken but I'd like to give it a try. Ken didn't quit the business. He was in a pretty bad accident in 1992 in which he fell down the steps of the home of Joan Dangerfield's. (Rodney's wife before Rodney married her). It is my opinion that because of Mrs. Dangerfield's negligence, (she didn't immediately call an ambulance for fear Rodney would find out she was seeing Ken on the side), she let Ken lay there for more than 30 minutes. When he awoke, not knowing how serious his injuries were, body in shock, he got himself up off the ground causing more damage. To make a long story short, by the time he got himself to a hospital, he found out he had broken his neck. He had to have several surgeries and was told he would never walk again. Thankfully, he did walk again, however, experiences severe pain that has to be managed by a series of pain management programs. Ken never did drugs and the stories of alcoholism have been grossly exagerated. He made a comment about using "Vodka to ease the pain" but never became an alcoholic. Today he is managing his pain quite well and would certainly come back to the business if the part was right. He still does look at scripts and receives offers. Another misconception is that he is "in hiding". That couldn't be further from the truth. Ken is out and about all the time and is very approachable. So, you never know, you may see him again one of these days. As his friend, I would like to thank you for your kind words and will be sure to tell Ken of your personal message to him. Sabrina
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